The Butterfly Effect


Good evening, readers! Tonight’s post is going to be short and sweet…I promise!

Its Wise Words Wednesday! You know what that means. Its time to reflect on this wonderful, wonderful life we live and some lessons that we have (hopefully) learned along the way.

My choice of words of wisdom this week come from the man who brought us Jesse’s Girl. So, you know its going to be good, right!?

QuoteDo you ever just take a moment and think about how different your life could be if you had just made one decision differently? For me, its mind-blowing.

Each of us have so much to be grateful for.
We have life. We have the opportunity to live, to breath…to exist.

I’m certainly thankful for all the twists and turns life has thrown me over the years. The good times gave me hope and happiness. The bad times provided me strength and knowledge.

Like Rick, I cherish where my life is. Not just where it is, but where I’ve been and each and every moment that has led up to today.


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