Bookworm Wish List

Sunday Seven New 2Well, the Blog has certainly been quite this week, hasn’t it? I apologize. It was just one of those weeks at work that left me absolutely exhausted each night.

I’m spending my lazy Sunday trying to nail down my posting schedule for this week, reading the newest book I picked up (which will hopefully be featured in one of my upcoming posts), and gearing up for the Patriots game. I lead such an exciting life, I know.

As I stated in one of my recent blog posts, I’ve been dealing with a bit of insomnia the past few weeks. Which, my friends, is by no means any fun at all. My husband suggested that I start reading before bedtime since in the past that seemed to be an easy solution. I admit, I haven’t picked up a good book in quite some time. I find that I’m a mood reader. Still, I decided to give his suggestion a shot this weekend and…it’s worked! Not only have I fallen asleep much easier, but I’m hooked to the book I chose.

Today’s Sunday Seven will be seven books that are currently on my To-Read list.

This is one of those posts that would make my dad so proud. He’s always been such a bookworm and loves when one of his children show any sign of interest in a book.


What are some books that you’re looking to read this year?



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