My Etsy Obsession

Sunday Seven New 2

Okay, kids. It’s Sunday. Which means that it’s almost time to face the reality that another work week is almost here. I would really like to meet the person that thought it would be a good idea to work 5 days a week and only have 2 off. Sheesh! I mean, I could be happy with 3 day weekends every week. Just sayin’.

Anyways, today’s Sunday Seven is going to be on something that I have had a rekindled love affair with. Woah now! Before we get ahead of ourselves and you start thinking the worst of me…I assure you, this affair is not one that my husband will be worried about.

In the past, I have hosted a shop and sold products on a lovely little site called Etsy. I had some success with my shop but ultimately ended up shutting it down. This didn’t, however, lessen my love for the site or the number of hours I spent browsing through endless handmade goodies.

So, when it came time for Justin and I to choose our wedding invitations, my thought was to immediately look on Etsy. You can’t get any cuter than a custom design, right? While I will admit that when we finally receive them in the mail they were cute, the headache we dealt with beforehand was not as cute. To say we had a horrible experience would be a drastic understatement. It ended up completely turning me off of the site and my love for Etsy started to dwindle. (Insert sad face here)

However, I decided to give the site another go this year and ended up purchasing one of Justin’s Christmas presents through the site. The entire experience was a thousand times better! This shop owner was on top of communication and ensuring that I was 100% satisfied with my product. If you are ever looking for a cute idea, I highly suggest PawlowskiCreations.They created a customized bracelet for Justin with the GPS Coordinates to the church we got married in. It was a BIG hit!

Today’s Sunday Seven is a list of 7 items on Etsy that I am currently obsessing over.

1. Flower – MacBook Decal from MixedDecal il_570xN.472722471_m8vx2. Leaf Wallet iPhone Case from dawei19908il_570xN.701955153_m2v33. Wooden Recipe Box with Adorable Owls from exquisiteinksil_570xN.490873258_8pr54. Expandable Bangle Bracelet from FiredUpLadiesHammeril_570xN.621614871_n5av5. Folk Embossing Rolling Pin from ValekRollingPinsil_570xN.675476887_lk1h6. Wedding Song Picture Frame from YourPictureStory il_570xN.449344939_qeoq7. MacBok Pro Sleeve from LittlePigeonCraftsil_570xN.579313913_62ou



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