Concert Review – Lee DeWyze

I realized last night that I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks! Life has been a little busy lately and I guess it’s gotten the best of me.

On Saturday, Justin and I, along with our friend Brian, took a road trip down to Pawtucket, Rhode Island for a concert.

Great Big Circles, the first opening band, is one that is based out of Attleboro, Massachusetts. While I wasn’t a fan of their music, their show was pretty entertaining. I don’t think there was an inch of the stage that their bassist didn’t touch! He was all over the place and made their portion of the concert incredibly entertaining.

The second opening band, Collington, was one that I was excited for. I had heard snip its of some of their music before the concert and really dug their vibe. I am also a total sucker for local bands and artists, and this band hails from Providence, Rhode Island. The lead singer and creator, James Collington, was incredibly confident and made sure to engage with the crowd as much as possible. The atmosphere of the room when he started singing was something that couldn’t be recreated. He is extremely talented and it’s easy to tell he loves what he does. After the show, Justin had a chance to chat with James and I found myself at the merch table buying a copy of each of their CDs. If you haven’t heard of them, I really suggest you check them out and give them a shot!

The main man, the reason for the trip to Pawtucket, Lee DeWyze. Is there really ever enough good things one can say about this guy? I was such a total fan of him when he was on American Idol. I remember pinning him as the winner so early on in the season. This was my second time seeing him live, and ironically both times have been at The Met. This man just flawlessly spews raw talent that is unlike anyone else.


As a fan, I find it incredibly amazing to see how much Lee has developed as an artist since he was crowned the winner of American Idol. One thing that I adore most about him is that he stays true to himself and that is definitely showcased in his music. It’s refreshing to have an artist that displays such pride in their craft.

While it is evident to any concert go-er that Lee is very much trying to impress his audience with an array of songs off his newest album, Frames, he should rest assured that we have loved him from the very beginning. One thing that has become very evident to me after only seeing him live twice is his fan base is very, very loyal. In addition to this, they range in many ways such as age, gender, and hometowns, but all come together to support this incredibly talented man. It’s easy to fit in and I was glad to be welcomed with open arms into the famiLEE.

I will say though, it’s hard to see him up on stage, belting his heart out, and not have more people filling the room. However, it never seems to phase him and he makes sure to make each and every fan feels special. He interacts with his crowd and will go the extra step to please them. On Saturday he unexpectedly veered off his set list only to sing songs that some of the fans in the crowd, myself included, has shouted out to request. It’s just another example of how he will go the extra mile to make sure that everyone has a good time.

Below is a video I took of him performing “Like I Do” which is one of my personal favorite off his recent album.

I honestly cannot express how much admiration I have for him as an artist. His dedication to his fans and his craft is untouchable. After the show, Justin, Brian, and I got a chance to go up and chat with him. What really got me is that he remembered Justin and I from the last show. He is such a chill dude and I wish more people would recognize and love him!

Please, if you haven’t pick up his CD, Frames today and give it a whirl, you won’t be disappointed! Also, check out his new adorable music video for his single Fight.



3 responses to “Concert Review – Lee DeWyze

  1. Absolutely agree,Lee is an amazing unique singer songwriter, His soulful voice,a reminder of music that sticks, genuine, thoughtful and thought provoking.

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